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Additional Services and Price List

Here you will find our stand-alone services and prices (available outside our standard packages).  Whether a Founding Package or a Office Services Package, you can customize your business package based on your company's specific needs, or use any single service, as needed. (All prices are subject to additional taxes)








Founding of LLC or Corporation

$1199 USD

One time 

Registered Agent Services

$400 USD


Corporate Kit (Company book)

$130 USD

One time

Apostille Request

$130 USD

One time

U.S. Tax Number

$130 USD

One time

U.S. Bank Account

$1800 USD

One time

Notary Public (acknowledgment)

$10 USD

One time 
(per seal)

Small Office Package 

$130 USD


Premium & Pro Office Package

From $279 USD


Translation of Apostille and Articles (to German) 

$200 USD

One time

Preparing Annual Report (including filing fee)

$270 USD


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