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Why choose Florida as a place for a business start?

In the U.S., the conditions for starting a company are set out at the state level, not at the federal level. This means that the tax rates differ between individual U.S. states and, in Florida, they are particularly favorable. Both a Limited Liability Company (LLC) and a Corporation can be established without shared capital and also by individuals. In Florida, if required and under certain conditions, upon request the owners/members of a LLC and/or shareholders of a Corporation can also remain anonymous  (there is a nominal additional fee for this service). 

NOTE:  In Florida, many banks and various State of Florida agencies, such as the Department of Revenue Sales Tax Division and the Bureau of Worker's Compensation, require the Officers of a Corporation and the Operating Manager of a LLC not be anonymous.  A Corporation's Director(s), as well as a LLC's other Officer(s), can still remain anonymous along with the company's other Shareholder(s)/Owner(s).

The banks ALTON LLC uses for bank accounts for its clients currently requires only the CEO be listed.  In addition, as most of our clients are not operating in Florida, they have no sales tax or worker's compensation issues.


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With its quick and professional service, ALTON LLC helped us found our C Corporation and obtain the investor visa we needed.  In addition to saving us valuable time, they were prompt in supporting us in accomplishing our stock split, as well as successful with our deadlocked visa application.  Our experience with Max Karagoz and ALTON LLC was always positive and definitely the right choice. - Andreas Kisslinger (Cross Media Production)

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